Gregarious and gorgeous, Grace Ramirez sizzles with style in the kitchen. Grace has mixed the flavor of a dozen Latino cuisines with her edgy style to create an award-winning iconic brand: LA LATINA

The Miami-born chef was raised in Venezuela and combines comforting Latin American soul food with her own culinary chic. When the former MASTERCHEF USA contestant isn’t creating dishes to die for, she's an expert Judge on one of New Zealand’s highest rated shows: MY KITCHEN RULES which airs in New Zealand, the UK and Asia. She's also the host of Food Network LATAM: DESTINO CON SABOR, currently airing throughout Mexico and Latin America.

Her new award-winning cookbook LA LATINA, published by Penguin Random House (PRH) in New Zealand and Australia, is an exquisite and personal guide through the essential dishes of Latin America, making them accessible to anyone.

Grace’s culinary inspiration is from a melting pot of Latin American cuisines. Her family hails from Venezuela, her step father is from Peru and she has spent her whole life absorbing the gastronomic delights of countries Latin American countries. In Grace’s family food was serious business. A typical weekend at home brought the entire extended family together around the table to enjoy her grandmother’s delicious Venezuelan specialties.

The former producer and director spent over a decade working for some of the largest TV Networks in the industry. First at Viacom: under Nickelodeon, then MTV and finally ending her role as a TV Producer at the Food Network. But the kitchen and its “magic powers” were always calling her, so Grace made the life-changing decision to quit her hard-won job on the network’s biggest show, THROWDOWN WITH BOBBY FLAY, and auditioned for the first series of MASTERCHEF USA. Selected from 60,000 people to compete in the Gordon Ramsey show, Grace made it to the second round, and Chef Ramsey encouraged her to get formal training and come back. She went after her formal training and won a scholarship to the prestigious French Culinary Institute in New York City, but when her husband got a job in New Zealand, Grace was hungry for a new culinary adventure.

As a New York City chef used to having strawberries and fresh basil in the middle of winter, she learned to have a more seasonal approach to cooking in New Zealand. While in New Zealand, Grace volunteered for the Garden to Table program, which aims to teach kids about where their food comes from.  The experience opened her eyes not only to seasonal cooking, but how things grow. This city girl discovered her inner-hunter gatherer and learned to fish, hunt, slaughter, skin, preserve and cook different kinds of game meats.

While down under, she also wrote for different food publications, taught cooking classes and co-hosted My Kitchen Rules, where she’s now coined the Jennifer Lopez of the cooking world.

Grace brings warmth, honesty and passion to her role as presenter, cooking instructor or food tour guide. Her dream is to share her cooking philosophy with children by creating Garden to Table Programs all around Latin America and the world.

Grace is currently promoting her Food Network show DESTINO CON SABOR and her cookbook LA LATINA.


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